Information & Instructions

Here you can find instructions for using All Saints Youth & Community Hall.   These notes are designed to help, so please read them carefully.

When you collect your keys, you’ll be met by a hall representative and shown around the rooms you are hiring, plus the common areas.  You’ll also be given instruction on how to use the equipment so that you’ll be familiar with everything.


Smoking is not permitted inside the Youth & Community Hall.

What to bring

Here is a list of items which you cannot assume will be in the hall, and which may be a good idea to bring with you:

  • Lots of bags for removing all rubbish (including food waste) – please don’t leave rubbish in the hall as we have no collection facilities
  • Torch, if staying after dark. There are movement sensors on the external lights on the hall, but the lighting in the car park is limited

If you are planning to use the kitchen:

  • Tea towels and dishcloths
  • Sharp knives, and any additional cutlery other than standard knives, forks etc.
  • Chopping boards / bread board
  • Floor cloth for spills or kitchen towel
  • Corkscrew and bottle opener
  • Scissors
  • Heat proof mats / pads if serving from hot pans / dishes
  • Baking trays / cooking or serving dishes

Getting in and out

  • Before your booking you will receive a key and details of your 4-digit alarm code. You will also usually have an introduction to the building; how to use the facilities and unset and set the alarm system
  • At the end of your booking, if there are no other persons in the premises any open windows should be shut, the alarm set and the front door locked


Lights are controlled by light switches similar to those in your own home in each room / area

  • Foyer - at the end of the left wall.1st switch for balcony, middle switch for stairs, far switch for ground floor foyer
  • Main Hall - on your right as you enter. There are three different types of lighting. Please select only the ones you need. You probably won't need them all and we endeavour to be a low-usage building
  • Kneller Room - on your left as you enter
  • Kitchen - on your left as you enter
  • Toilet lights work on sensors and automatically turn off after a set period of time
  • Main Hall furniture cupboards lights have sensors and automatically turn off after a set period of time
  • Outside lights on the under-eaves use external movement sensors. If you are locking up after dark, it is useful to walk outside the building first, to trigger the lights before setting the alarm and turning off the last light in the foyer before you exit and lock up

Letting more people in

  • For maximum security in the building please try to keep the foyer door closed all the time,so that you can hold your event without having to worry about intruders. If you encounter any problems with intruders please notify the police directly
  • You, as hirer, are responsible for the security of the building and making sure there are no intruders, so think before you leave the foyer entry door open, or open fire exit doors

Safety, and briefing your users or guests

  • First time in, please explore and make sure you know where everything is
  • Especially, make sure you know where the fire exit doors are. Fire exit doors are situated at the south end of the Main Hall.  All other room users should exit via the front door. If access to the front door is blocked, access is via the windows in the Kneller Room
  • Very important: it is your responsibility to make sure all the guests for your booking are briefed about fire drill and exits
  • The Fire Exit door must only be opened in a genuine emergency. The Administrator must be informed in writing if the fire extinguishers are discharged for any reason. Hirers will be charged £100 for any inappropriate discharge of each fire extinguisher
  • Let your guests know where they can find the toilets
  • Remind guests that no smoking is allowed in the building. A cigarette bin is provided on the patio area by the front door
  • In an emergency, the nearest telephones are at the Security Office at the Gate to Vauxhall Barracks and the call box at Great Western Drive junction with Foxhall Road
  • Please do not allow children and/or young people to play or congregate socially in the car park due to vehicles using this space.  A key is available to allow hirers to access the park from the hall should children and/or young people wish to burn off any excess energy.  Please inform the administrator if you would like the key when you make your booking
  • A copy of the Health & Safety policy for the Premises and car park is available from the Youth & Community Hall

Sound loop system

  • If access to the loop or sound system is required, please contact the Administrator when you book

Wi Fi

  • If access to Wi-Fi is required, then please inform the Administrator and you will be issued with a password

Tables & chairs

  • Ensure furniture is left as you found it. If tables and chairs have been used in the Main Hall, these must all be replaced in their respective cupboards, situated at the end of the hall either side of the fire exit


  • A hoist is fitted in the accessible toilet: hirers must provide their own sling and only qualified people must use the apparatus. Anyone using or tampering with the hoist inappropriately will be charged for any damage incurred


We aim to keep a comfortable temperature in all the rooms at all times of the day and evening

  • The Youth & Community Hall is heated with an underfloor heating system. This is provided by ground-source heat collectors under the car park, boosted by electricity.  There are no radiators or heaters in the building.   The heating is programmed to maintain a set temperature in each room.   Please do not touch the thermostats.  If there is a problem with the heating, please let a representative from the Youth & Community Hall know
  • Toilets and foyer are heated if other areas are heated


  • Main Hall - you can open the electronically controlled Velux windows via a panel situated on the wall between the two main windows. The Velux windows are fitted with rain sensors and will close automatically if it starts to rain
  • Kneller Room - you can open the windows. Please remember to close them if you open them
  • Kitchen - there is an extractor fan, the switch is by the window. The window can be opened. Please remember to close it if it is opened


This is not a professional catering kitchen and is suitable for light food preparation and serving only

  • The urn is ideal for heating larger quantities of water. It takes one hour to boil when full. There is a re-set button underneath the urn should it appear not to be working. Ensure urn is empty before resetting.   Pump flasks are available for you to transport hot water safely into other rooms
  • A kettle is also provided
  • Fridge; please leave this on at all times, but clear your own food away after use
  • Crockery, cutlery and glasses (wine and water) are provided
  • Please ensure that the kitchen is left clean with all crockery, cutlery and utensils tidied away.  Also the oven, hob and microwave must be cleaned and switched off after use.  Tea towels are not provided
  • Only electrical food warmers are permitted in the building
  • Please bring sharp knives and scissors if you need them, as these are not kept in the kitchen for security and safety reasons
  • Cleaning materials for the kitchen are stored in the cupboard under the washing up sink

Audio  Equipment

  • An Audio system is available in the Main Hall to play music or use a microphone.  Playback from a smartphone is especially easy
  • If you will want to use it, please contact us in advance. We will provide a key to the equipment cupboard and show you how to use it

Fire Alarm

  • If the alarm goes off you must assume that it is genuine and your first priority is your safety and the safety of your group.
  • Evacuate the building and do not worry about any flashing messages on the box
  • The Evacuation Muster Point is the grassy bank at the far end of the car park close to Foxhall Road
  • Call the Fire Service, 999. Give the location as: ASYCH, Roman Place OX11 7ER

Music Licence and relevant legislation

  • The Youth & Community Hall holds a music licence for playing pre-recorded music. If you wish to have live performers you may need a licence from South Oxfordshire District Council
  • The Hall does not have a licence for the sale of alcohol. No alcohol can be sold unless the hirer has written confirmation from the Youth & Community Hall that they will authorise the hirer to obtain an alcohol licence for the event. This authority may be withheld at the discretion of the Youth & Community Hall Management Committee


  • Ensure all liquid spills are cleaned up immediately and not left to dry on the floors or work surfaces
  • Leave your room, kitchen, foyer and the toilets clean and tidy after use as a courtesy to others. Our cleaner visits once a day and there is no cleaning done between bookings
  • Cleaning equipment can be found in the large storage cupboards in the main hall
  • As a hirer it is your responsibility to prove that you have left the hall tidy in the event of a dispute
  • If you discover the hall has not been left in a clean condition, by a user prior to your booking, please let the administrator know. Photographs would be useful


  • There is a First Aid box on the wall in the foyer. Please let us know if you use anything so it can be replaced
  • There is also an Accident Book in the first aid box, which you should fill in if the accident was in anyway related to or occurred on the Premises


Any problems or comments – please let the administrator know as soon as possible.